Marketing Strategy still in progression

Although, the start up of the Child Development Center is still in progress I believe that my marketing strategy will be effective. To have a productive business I understand that my website must engage the targeted market so they will return to the site. I know that my webpage, blogs and social media outlets should be updated frequently to keep the audience and acquire more viewers.

The potential clients will be interested in all the services that the Child Development Center has to offer. The prospect for the services will want their child or children to be in a place that is state of the art center. They want to be assured that their children will be safe, happy and learning will be made fun. 



Child Development Center

Today I’n focusing on getting my Bachelors degree and maintaining a good GPA. But, my future hold much more. Because I’m a grandmother I’m aware of the need for adequate educational programs for toddlers and preschoolers. So, my goal is to open a Child Development Center after I receive my degree in Business. It’s important that I give parents a safe environment for their children and peace of mind.

Learning is rewarding

If you ever planned to be successful never stop learning. I have an interest in Marketing but what I’ve found is that much of today’s advertising is via internet. So, being a woman of a particular age marketing was always through the television ads, radio ads, billboards and magazines. Who knew I would become computer savvy and it’s all because I chose to continue my education. I always want to learn new things and I’m fitting in with people eight to eighty who enjoy acquiring fresh information. This is rewarding.

It’s never to late to learn.

I really never thought that I would return to school so late in my life. I’m over 50 and the memory is pretty good. It’s just amazing how you put things off because life has forced you in a different direction. But, after being laid off I realized that the type of work I’ve performed for years now require a degree. When I was younger my mother would say,”you are never to old to learn something new” and she was right. So what I find to be true is to always push forward because life is to short to give up.